RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2011, The Coppafeel!
Designed by Hugo Bugg

Awarded RHS Gold Medal

As the main contractor, Himalayan Landscaping were delighted to work with Hugo and the Coppafeel team on achieving this award.

The CoppaFeel! Garden is a unique showcase of garden design together with a clear message with the express intention of startling the onlooker and getting across a very important message. This CoppaFeel garden has been conceived to captivate, educate and unsettle visitors; keeping the importance of getting to know your own breasts at its core. The garden is a journey, open for the visitors to explore and enjoy whilst taking home an incredibly important message.

The eye-catching design reflects some of CoppaFeel’s true qualities: ambitious, proactive, positive and bold, which is evident throughout the whole design. Apart from being able to view the garden form three sides it will offer the opportunity for visitors to wander through CoppaFeel’s highly interactive creation.

“I want everyone to know that cancer doesn’t conform to the over forties rule that we try to impose on it. Know your boobs from a young age and make checking them regularly a habit of a lifetime – it could save your life one day.” Kristin Challenge, Founder and CEO